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The McLaren Montréal Team

Ercole (Nino) De Cubellis

Ercole (Nino) De Cubellis | President & General Manager


Renato De Cubellis

Renato De Cubellis | Vice-President & General Sales Manager


Charles St-Roch

Charles St-Roch | Sales Manager

Having begun his career in the automotive industry as a car washer roughly 20 years ago, Charles followed through with his passion for cars to compile a consistent and impressive career to date. In 2002, Charles was the first sales representative for the MINI brand in Canada and became #1 Sales Representative for 5 years until eventually becoming Sales Manager in 2010. Always up for a new challenge, he later jumped to the Porsche brand, where his focus on positive customer experience allowed for him to quickly move to Sales Manager for Porsche’s first dealership boutique in North America. Having always been an exotic vehicle enthusiast, his interest peaked upon hearing the news of McLaren coming to the Quebec market. Charles later joined the De Cubellis family once again in December 2016 as Sales Manager for McLaren Montréal. In providing tailored experiences for each of his clients and an unmatched work ethic, he undoubtedly reflects the essence of what it means to be an ambassador for McLaren and McLaren Montréal. Charles is married and enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with his two boys.


Christopher Samyn

Christopher Samyn | Sales Executive

Christopher began his career in the automotive industry as a salesperson for MINI in 2011. He spent roughly 5 years with the brand and decided to move forward, becoming a salesperson at Audi in 2016. Young, enthusiastic, and with a total of 8 years of automotive experience under his belt, Christopher is the ideal addition to our team. When he is not busy selling cars, he enjoys spending time with his family.


Kim Caya

Kim Caya | Pre-Owned Sales Executive

Essentially “born into the industry” to a father with 40 years of automotive experience, Kim quickly developed a strong passion for cars and sales. With this passion, she has accumulated a total of 10 years of automotive experience thus far, working for brands such as Subaru, Volkswagen and Audi. Being a people-person, coupled with her last 8 years of luxury automotive experience, Kim is the ideal addition to our team. 


Riccardo Cardillo

Riccardo Cardillo | Aftersales Manager

A veteran employee of Jaguar Land Rover Laval, Riccardo spent a majority of his automotive career working as a Parts Advisor. His consistent work ethic and drive to constantly increase the department’s efficiency earned him a status of Elite Parts Specialist for both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, as well as becoming a two-time winner of the National Guild Competition for Land Rover. Once the De Cubellis family announced the opening of McLaren Montréal at the beginning of 2016, he immediately approached them to take on the role of Aftersales Manager. Riccardo’s understanding of service and parts procedures, focus on providing excellent customer service, consistently positive attitude and a seemingly infinite supply of energy made him an easy choice for this position. Riccardo is married with two children and enjoys exploring new cuisine with his family and friends.  


Daniel Marineau

Daniel Marineau | Aftersales Advisor

Daniel has always been a true fan of performance vehicles and the aftermarket scene. He began his career in the automotive industry as a representative for Fast Wheels. A bright and determined young man with a strong passion for McLaren and a knack for personalized customer service, Daniel is truly the ideal addition to our team. 


Anthony Mark Mule

Anthony Mark Mule | Parts Advisor

With over 12 years of luxury automotive experience, Anthony's charismatic and positive outlook harmonize perfectly with the ethos we aim to uphold at McLaren Montreal. His passion for exotic vehicles and motorsports help mould his thorough understanding of McLaren's racing heritage and subsequent goals for their production vehicles. He takes pride in making sure everything is organized and proves to be an essential asset to the team. When he's not at work, he is either spending his time with his family or volunteering part-time at the track. 


Patrick Poirier

Patrick Poirier | Certified Technician

A humble gentleman with over 20 years of mechanical experience and a passion for motorsports, Patrick is truly the ideal addition to our team. 

Christopher Reeves

Christopher Reeves | Certified Technician

Beginning as a technician for professional go-karting, Christopher moved into the automotive industry and within 7 years became a Master Technician for a luxury brand and its performance division. His friendly attitude and passion for McLaren make him a perfect fit at McLaren Montréal. 

Marco Cerin

Marco Cerin | Certified Technician


Olivia De Angelis

Olivia De Angelis | Warranty Administrator



Adrienne McGrath

Adrienne McGrath | Marketing Director

A specialist in brand strategy and kickstarting brands, Adrienne's portfolio has been mostly centered around the fashion industry. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, she worked hand-in-hand with brands such as Magestic Filatures Paris, Parasuco Jeans, Jack & Jones, K-Way and Kendall & Kylie, among others, with her work even being featured on ET Canada. Adrienne also focused her brand strategy efforts to non-profit foundations in New York City, such as Help USA and the Maria Cuomo Cole Foundation, the latter of which earned her a Stevie Award for her video marketing production. In working with luxury brands for the past five years and looking to shift her marketing efforts to another focus, Adrienne landed on two British luxury automotive brands in Jaguar / Land Rover and McLaren. 


Luc Béchard

Luc Béchard | Media Coordinator