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570S Spider Canada Commission

570S Spider Canada Commission

An MSO Bespoke project celebrating McLaren’s history in Canada

McLaren and PFAFF have partnered to create five special 570S Spiders that celebrate McLaren’s racing and road-car history in Canada.

Mclaren Pecial Operations 1 Of 5 Mclaren Canadoa Commission

Developed with McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the five bespoke 570S Spiders, designated Canada Commission, feature a number of unique design elements that hark back to McLaren’s Canadian history. MSO Bespoke, a service from McLaren Special Operations, allowed the Pfaff team almost limitless design capabilities.

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The Canada Commission's exterior is finished in Silica White, with extensive exterior trim tinted in red carbon fibre. A white accent stripe on the lower sills, subtle white Canadian flags replacing the “570S” script on the doors, and Canadian flag accents on the end of the rear wing contrast with stealth-finish Spider wheels.

Inside, a black leather and Alcantara interior is set off by a red Alcantara roof liner, red Alcantara steering wheel with white 12-o’clock mark, and other subtle accents. A plaque inside each car identifies it as one of five Canada commission vehicles.

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Highlights of McLaren’s racing and road-car history in Canada include: Bruce McLaren winning three races in a row in the Canadian Sportscar Championship behind the wheel of the McLaren M1B in 1966;  Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme finishing first and second at the Canadian Grand Prix in 1968; and the 1-2-3 podium finish at the opening round of the Can-Am Challenge in 1969 by Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme and John Surtees in McLaren M8B and M12 racecars[LC1] .

One of the Canada Commission 570S Spiders will be available through McLaren Montreal.


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